Food Safety Management System: Request for Quotation


This Request for Quotation for Food Safety Management System Certification will provide Green Ikon Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GIMSPL) with the necessary information to provide a quotation for certification. The information contained herein is considered proprietary and will be kept confidential by GIMSPL, its agents or representatives unless otherwise required by law or in the performance of the certification process as provided for within the GIMSPL Quality Manual.

Pease complete a spate RFQ for each additional facility so that an accurate quote can be provided

·         General Information

Company Name:



Address :



Pin Code :



Contact Name:













·         Facility Information

Facility :

Number of Locations :

Approx Sq. Ft:


Number of Employees


Part time:



1st shift:

2nd shift:

3rd shift:



1.    The Product common or usual name



2.    Product composition / ingredient listing



3.    Raw / ready-to-eat / must be cooked



4.    Method of preservation



5.    Length of shelf life and storage (temperature) conditions


6.    Details of packaging



7.    Method of distribution & transportation



8.    Condition as distributed and transported e.g. frozen refrigerated, stable at –ambient temperature


9.    Whether the food is intended for high – risk populations e.g. infants, elderly, patients, animals etc\


10.              Details of processing of food items.



11.              Details of process equipments used



12.              Details of physical facilities in manufacturing area eg. Flooring, walls etc


13.              Details of Sanitary facilities



14.              Type of Raw Materials and Ingredients used



15.              Use of conveyors, chillers & freezers if any



16.              Applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements for the processed food.


17.              Have good Manufacturing Practices been implemented.

                          Yes                                No

18.              Has auditing been carried out?


                          Yes                                No

19.              Has Hazard identification been carried out?


                          Yes                                No

20.              Have CCPs been established and are they monitored


                          Yes                                No

21.              Details of Food Safety Team Leader i.e. Name, Position and experience.


22.              Details of complaints received or product recalled in

 the last year


23.              Since how long has HACCP plan been implemented and monitored in the organization?


24.              Has the organization been convicted for any breach of legislation in the last three years?

           Yes             No

If yes, provide details

·         Multiple Facilities

** Complete the following if your company operates & wishes to register more than one location**

Does your company implement a singular management systems for all facilities:




Will all additional facilities be covered under one certificate:




Will each additional facilities be covered under separate certificate:




·         Current Certification / Certificate Information (for Certificate transfers only)

Name of Current Certification body:



Currently Surveillance audits being done:             Annually.


                     Semi Annually

Expiry Date of Certificate:

Reason for Transfer:



If your company currently on suspension, or withdrawal





If yes, Please describe:



Note : Once agreement is reached that GIMSPL is your certifying body of choice, then a copy of the previous certifying body’s audit / surveillance report will be required.

·         General

Name of person Completing this Request for Quotation








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