Management System: Request for Quotation


This Request for Quotation for Management System Certification will provide green Ikon Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GIMSPL) with the necessary information to provide a quotation for certification. The information contained herein is considered proprietary and will be kept confidential by GIMSPL, its agents or representatives unless otherwise required by law or in the performance of the certification process as provided for within the GIMSPL Quality Manual.

 Please complete a separate RFQ for each additional facility so that an accurate quote can be provided

·         General Information

Company Name:



Address :



Pin Code :



Contact Name:












·         Facility Information

Facility :

Number of Locations :

Approx Sq. Ft:


Number of Employees


1st shift:

2nd shift:

3rd shift:


·         Product and Services Information

Major Product / Service(s)


NACE code













·         Management Standard

                    ISO 9001                                          ISO 14001                                                        ISO 13485


                    ISO 27000                                        ISO 50000                                                        OHSAS 18001


                    SA 8000                                            GMP                                                                TS 16949


Does your company have any Exclusions identified, if yes please list:



·         Others

Any Other Statutory / Regulatory / Customer / Sector / Location requirement?




List of Significant aspects / hazards and risks, relevant legal obligations?




Name of the consultancy organization, if any, which has provided guidance for the implementation of management system for which you are seeking certification






·         Multiple Facilities

**Complete the following if your company operates and wishes to register more than one location**

Does your company implemented a singular management systems for all facilities




Will all additional facilities be covered under one certificate:




Will each additional facilities be covered under separate certificates:





·         Current Certification / Certificate Information (for Certificate transfers only)

Name of Current Certification body:



Currently Surveillance audits being done:             Annually.


                      Semi Annually.

Expiry Date of Certificate:

Reason for Transfer:





Is your company currently on suspension, or withdrawal




If yes, Please describe:



Note : Once agreement is reached that GIMSPL is your certifying body of choice, then a copy of the previous certifying body’s audit / surveillance report will be required.

·         General

Name of person completing this Request for Quotation








Send Complete Information to:

Or you may send through courier to :

Green Ikon Management Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Corp. Office: : 15th Floor, Dev Corpora, Regus Corporate Center, Pokhran Road no. 1,
Eastern Express Highway, Mumbai, 400-606 India.

Website :

Email :,



















Environmental Information

(Must be completed by applicants of Environmental Management Systems)


Organization name:





1.        Please specify any environmental approvals, licenses, permits etc. which affect your operation:


2.        Have any previous environmental assessments or reviews been undertaken?





Please describe findings, (attach extra sheets if more space is required)

3.        Briefly describe area of potentially significant environmental impacts (attach additional sheets if required)


3a. Air/Odour Emissions


3b. Water Discharges


3c.  Trade Wastes


3d. Noise / Vibration Generation


3e. Chemical Storage


3f. Solid / Hazardous Wastes Management


3g. Land Degradation


3h. Resource Use


3i. Fauna / Flora Loss


3j. Social and Cultural – Expectations




(Please insert the Question number you are replying to


Question #                                           Comment


Has to organization been convicted for any breach of Environmental legislation in the last three years?

          Yes          No

If yes, provide details



Occupational Health and Safety Information

(Must be completed by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) applicants)





1.        Are Occupational Health diseases identifies?


           Yes                     No

2.        Are employees health records maintained and monitored?


           Yes                     No

3.        What are the type of PPE used?





4.        Does the organization use Heavy Machineries> eg cranes, fork lifts, compressors, D.G. Sets, Boilers etc


           Yes                     No

5.        Do employees enter into confined spaces?


           Yes                     No

6.        Does the organization store explosives / hazardous chemicals?


           Yes                     No

7.        Do the site operations involve moving parts? eg conveyors, belts, flywheels etc.


           Yes                     No

8.        Are first aid/medical room provisions available on site?


           Yes                     No

9.        In there an ambulance (for overt 500 employees) on site?


           Yes                     No

10.    Are Safety meetings conducted regularly?


           Yes                     No

11.    Please provide details of Safety Officer.



12.    Please provide details of incidents (Minor Injuries)/Major Accidents in past 6 months.



13.    Has the organization been convicted for any breach of OHS legislation in the last three years?

            Yes                  No


If yes, provide details



Please note: This is a requirement for notification under OHS Standards




(Please insert the question number you are replying to)



Question#                                Comments